IMI is known for its excellent faculty and high quality intellectual capital. Many of the faculty members are actively involved in training, research and consultancy in areas that are of interest to them. Keeping the above in mind it was felt that developing a few focused centers of excellence will go a long way in harnessing this competency and dove tail it into a meaningful intellectual output. The output of each center will be as follows:

  • Training programs for industry executives
  • Research output in terms of working papers, industry papers, refereed journal articles, books, conference presentations, etc. Consultancy projects funded by corporate and multilateral funding agencies
  • Case writing around the key decision making issues relevant to the focus area of the center
  • Development of specialized electives for equipping our students to perform well in the industry sector the center caters to

Center Structure

Each center will have as its patron a very senior industry executive along with a high powered advisory council of industry experts. The patron and the advisory council will decide on the thrust areas of each center spanning across training programs, research, consultancy, and development of specialized electives. An IMI faculty member will be the head of each center and he/she will work very closely with the patron and the advisory council. A team of other IMI faculty members will work with the center head in the activities of the center.