Center for Infrastructure Sector Financing

Historically governments across countries have created infrastructural facilities to initiate and sustain growth and development requiring large investments for creation of roads, power, ports, airports, telecommunication facilities, oil exploration, oil pipelines and gas distribution systems. These infrastructure projects are largely characterized by large investments, long gestation periods, requiring specific skills. In addition to physical infrastructure, of late it has become accepted wisdom that a country cannot improve and exploit its full potential if it does not invest in its social infrastructure i.e education and health care. Considering the importance of this sector, our Center will focus on the following objectives:

  • To conduct specialized training programs for the executives of the infrastructure sector companies in the areas of project appraisal and evaluation, project execution, risk management, and project management
  • To carry out studies and produce sellers side research reports for the investors and bankers
  • To publish industry papers and working papers
  • To organize conclaves and seminars for policy makers and administrators
  • To develop models for evaluating alternative financing structures for infrastructure projects