About IMI New Delhi Executive Education

The rapid pace of today’s business world means that the best leaders are the ones who keep growing. IMI New Delhi Executive Education’s non-degree programs immerse you in cutting-edge thinking from world-renowned academics and professionals. You’ll return to your organization reenergized and ready to inspire growth at all levels.

IMI New Delhi Executive Education focuses to help working professionals update their skills and progress in their careers, while making material improvements in the organizations that they work for. We specialize in providing mass customized training to individuals and organization customized learning for companies.

Our executive education programs span a variety of functions and industries, for participants of diverse seniority levels (Top, Senior and Middle Management). We deploy cutting-edge learning technology, classroom infrastructure and pedagogical methods. Although our faculties are leading experts in their subject areas, each program is carefully contextualized to speak to local business realities. We deliver Programs in classroom, blended and online formats.

Dear Business Leader,

With the dramatic pace of change in the world today, professionals need to make learning a continuous process to stay in the game. Enterprises too need to constantly invest in the growth of their people, lest risking losing them to competition or worse, obsolescence. It is imperative, therefore, that both professionals and organisations invest in learning that is relevant, competitive, and futuristic.

At IMI New Delhi, we endeavour to address the needs of individuals and organizations that are seeking more meaningful learning experiences from Executive Education. We bring together the best of faculty and cutting-edge pedagogical tools to dwell on issues that matter and spark new value-drivers for organisations.

We work with organisations across industry, government, and the non-profit sector to upskill their people with latest thinking and practice in today’s environment. Our programs are designed to help professionals to apply their learning back at their workplace, which enables them to create an impact.

Here are some of the key highlights of our Executive Education programs.

Executive Focus: Cohort-based open programs designed for experienced executives who can enrich, as well as benefit from the experience of their peers.
Customized: Small-format course delivery for high degree of peer-to-peer and student-faculty engagement.
Technology Enabled: Blended learning model that leverages technological advancements effectively 
Lifelong Impact: Action learning projects and new age pedagogical tools for ensuring the right impact of learning at the workplace.
Continuous Engagement: Well-defined pre-and post-program engagement; Holistic learning through in-class learning, out-of-class learning and mental wellness built-in
Global Focus: Global business orientation is rooted throughout our curriculum. Cutting-edge topics and inter-disciplinary learning are an integral part of the course offering.

if you are looking to transform your organization by sparking the potential of your people, we are very eager to partner with you. I welcome you to explore our range of programs in Executive Education.

Looking forward to working with you!!


Amit Ghosh
Head – Executive Education, Career Services & Alumni Relations
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E-mail: amit.ghosh@imi.edu, mdp@imi.edu