Center for Sustainable Development

'The business of business is business" is the oft quoted reason why business managers try to steer away from discussions on sustainability. This argument is not tenable anymore since climate change, threat to biodiversity and rapid depletion of natural resources are inescapable facts. Given the unbridled consumption and rapidly depleting resources, continuing the status quo is not acceptable and thus there is an urgent need to seriously address issues of sustainable development. The focus of the Center would be, as follows:

  • To collaborate with governmental and non-governmental agencies to provide a policy framework and an actionable agenda for sustainable development.
  • To conduct research on sustainable social and environmental issues at community and national level and disseminate the findings to relevant stakeholders.
  • To actively promote and enhance public awareness of the benefits of sustainable developments.
  • To create discussion forums, conduct conferences/ seminars, etc. to provide a better understanding of the environmental and social issues and their impact on future generations
  • To partner with academic and research institutions as well as trade and industry associations to develop curriculum for sustainable development programs