IMI Delhi has launched the Centre for Women Leadership (CWL) and embarked on a noble mission to empower and uplift women, enabling them to lead and drive transformative change in all aspects of society, shatter glass ceilings and shape a more inclusive and equitable world.

The centre would offer comprehensive leadership development programs, mentorship, advocacy, and research. It will actively engage with individuals, organizations, and institutions to build a robust ecosystem that propels women forward in their leadership journeys. Further, it will challenge the status quo, advocate for gender equality, and drive sustainable change that benefits individuals, communities, and the world at large.

Attempt will be made to create a ripple effect that cascades from the centre to classrooms, communities, and beyond, unleashing the true potential of women's leadership.

The centre will aim to unite individuals and institutions in a collective effort to empower, inspire, and uplift women leaders and support women in developing functional and managerial skills to move towards leadership roles. The centre will not only focus on professional development but will also provide psychological support to boost women’s self-confidence and develop them to become self-advocates. Mentorship will be provided by the institute’s alumni and Corporate Leadership. The center will also try to incorporate sensitivity training and gender role debiasing in the curriculum so that it aligns with the principles of the institute that is inclusiveness, diversity of thought and opportunity for all.

We believe now is the time to inspire and develop our students, faculty, and staff to their greatest leadership expression.