Faculty Committee:

The centre is led by a Chairperson supported by a team of faculty members. The Chairperson is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Center assisted by a team of dedicated faculty members from various disciplines, who contribute their expertise in leadership, gender studies, management, and related fields. They actively participate in program development, curriculum design, and mentoring activities. They also provide strategic guidance, coordinate activities, and ensure alignment with the institute's goals.

The Current members of Faculty Committee are:

Professor Mamta Mohapatra- Chairperson

Professor Ankita Tandon – Member

Professor Ripsy Bondia – Member

Professor Sourav Rauniyar – Member

Professor Swapnil Sharma - Member

Student Committee:

A group of enthusiastic and engaged students who actively contribute to the planning and execution of events, workshops, and awareness campaigns. They serve as liaison between the Center and the student community, bringing student perspectives and needs to the forefront.

Advisory Board:

The Advisory Board would comprise of a diverse group of illustrious and experienced professionals, leaders, and experts from various sectors, who bring valuable insights, networks, and expertise. They offer advice, support, and contribute to the overall development and success of the Center.

The structure encourages collaboration, expertise sharing, and collective decision-making, ensuring a multidimensional approach to women's leadership development. The Faculty Committee provides academic and programmatic oversight, while the Student Committee ensures active student engagement and representation. The Advisory Board brings external perspectives, guidance, and connections to the Center.

The collaboration between the three bodies promotes a holistic and inclusive approach to the center's activities, combining academic expertise, student-driven initiatives, and insights from seasoned professionals. It fosters an environment of continuous learning, mentorship, and knowledge exchange, creating a well-rounded and impactful experience for all stakeholders involved.