Area Chairperson: Prof. V.Chandra

Often referred as ‘the lifeline’ in any organization, Communication Area enjoys a pivotal position across all programmes at IMI. This is reflected both in the courses offered as well as the various institution building activities handled by faculty members of the area.

The area has a good mix of faculty both from industry as well as academia contributing to its diverse knowledge pool. The faculty team constantly  strives  to update itself on the latest tools and techniques  in communication area by benchmarking with the best practices in management schools and need of industry.

The prime focus of communication area is to help students translate acquired knowledge into applicable skill. Courses offered aim to impart students with the principles, concepts and skills required for enhancing their written and spoken communication capabilities essential for assuming executive roles and functions in organizations.

The pedagogical tools used provide opportunity for students to introspect, develop and sharpen and array of soft skills – from developing positive attitude to communicating tough decisions.