Area Chairperson: Prof. Prerna Lal

Technology has become an integral part of business and information is the vital resource for success. How to integrated and effectively manage Information Technology based solution across businesses is the key focus of “Information Systems” Area at IMI. The faculty in the IS Area provide expertise, knowledge and skill to its stakeholders in the areas of integration and management of information technology across business functionality. IS Area works very closely with technology leaders like SAP, Microsoft, and SAS etc. Some of these companies involve IMI faculty for corporate level training and research.  IS Area at IMI also maintains  very close interface with policy makers and leading companies  in the IT domain, which also helps in integrating new concepts  and technologies into the course curriculum. Faculty in the IS Area are continuously engaged in Research, Training, Testing and Teaching.

Focus of IT courses that are offered in the IS Area at IMI is on Integrating IT with business application in various functional areas.  The two core courses, IT for Decision Making and Management Information Systems that are being offered helps in building the conceptual framework with the help of commonly used technological applications. Whereas, elective courses focus more on building and managing IT projects. Elective courses are offered in two broader streams –

  • Software Professional Stream and
  • IT as Enabler..