Area Chairperson: Prof. Monika Chopra 

Finance as an area of study and interest continues to dominate the world today and in keeping with its popularity, IMI has developed a very integrated domain of study. The finance courses are taught at three levels with specific focus of development of knowledge on the subject and building exposure to company practices. At the first level, stress on fundamental knowledge of accounting and finance is imparted through Accounting and Finances courses which are compulsory. Students are exposed to practices by solving contemporary and relevant cases of various business organizations. At the second level, advance level courses like Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Project and Infrastructure Finance, Management of Banks, Management of Financial Services and Advanced Financial Statement Analysis are offered. At this level the method of teaching is analytical and focus is on corporate practice and the medium of study is cases. At the third and final level are specialized finance courses, commonly known as quantitative finance through courses like International Finance, Fixed Income Securities, Financial Derivatives, Private Equity, Financial Engineering Risk Management, Quantitative Techniques in Finance and Investment Banking. Like at the previous level, the method of teaching is analytical and focus is on corporate practice through national and international cases.

The methodology of building competency, of the students and managers alike is through imparting knowledge as well as developing and strengthening skill sets; dissemination of knowledge developed through research and documented through research publications ; reinforcing and building competency through rigorous training of the executives ; sharing of knowledge of practice among peer institutions by offering consultancy and advisory services.