Area Chairperson: Prof. Ashutosh Khanna

Strategy Area has faculty members with interests in Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Sustainability. The Area also offers courses on Legal aspects of Business.  The one common interest that drives the area is commitment to shaping appropriate mindsets, which help organizations take decisions leading to superior performance. Raising awareness  on emerging trends & helping organizations question the competence  they need to build to capture the opportunities, is the raison d’être of the area. The area is extremely entrenched in providing consulting and training to help firms deal with a wide spectrum of issues and challenges. There is active research undertaken by the area members on a variety of themes with heavy emphasis on case writing. A large number of core and elective courses for the various programs of the institute are offered by the Area. There is an increasing focus through courses on Business ethics and Sustainable Development to sensitize future leaders for carrying out socially and environmentally responsible business.  The area has strong focus on Entrepreneurship Development with strong involvement in research and mentoring for start ups. The area offers some very contemporary electives such as Strategic Innovation, Business in Emerging Markets and Principals and Practices for Corporate Governance, dealing with wide range of issues and challenges that most firms are grappling with currently. The area is also actively involved in guiding students across post graduate programs on industry projects and offers specialization for the doctoral level FPM program of the Institute.