Center at IMI about

A Center for Disruptive Innovation & Enterprise (CDIE) is to be established at IMI – New Delhi, as per the resolution by its Board of Governors (BOG) in its 103rd meeting held on 8th March 2017 at Kolkota vide its Agenda No. 3 – Point No. 5. Subsequently the “Centre for Disruptive Innovation & Enterprise [CDIE] at IMI-Delhi came into existence under the chairmanship of Dr Ashutosh Khanna, on the 22nd of April 2017.  A first of its kind from any of the B-schools in India to engage, facilitate, consult the corporates, government, academics and society at large on “DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION”.


To enable creation of new varieties of jobs, and inspire new collaborative prototypes for organizing and wealth creation.


  • To nurture technology mediated, market creating, “empowering innovations” which drive long term growth of socio-economic systems and cultures.

  • To amplify and re-brand (local) Indian businesses and ethnic business models by extensive student immersion and learning and taking such business global.

  • To inform and celebrate the culture of innovation & entrepreneurship envisioned by the GOI by contributing and participating in the Start-up India, Innovative India, Made-in/for India, entrepreneurial - skilling of the India business eco-system’.

  • To develop and analyze new business models those are disrupting well established industries and defining new markets and re-drawing industry boundaries.