Anchal Patil  

Operations Management & Quantitative Techniques
Assistant Professor

Anchal Patil  



Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Operations and Supply Chain


Master of Technology

Indian Institute of
Technology Delhi

Industrial Engineering


Bachelor of

National Institute of
Technology Kurukshetra

Industrial Engineering
and Management


Anchal Patil  



Assistant Professor

2023 - Current 

Christ University 

Assistant Professor

Feb 2022 - Feb 2023


Business Analyst

Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

Anchal Patil  

Dr. Anchal Patil is a scholar in the field of Operations and Supply Chain. He has a PhD from Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi. His research interests include application of simulation, optimization, and MCDM methods to improve supply chain performance. His PhD focuses on the performance improvement of disaster relief operations. Anchal has published several research papers related to transportation and humanitarian work in reputed journals, including the Business Strategy and the Environment (BSE), International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management (IJPDLM), International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (IJDDR), the International Journal of Logistic Management (IJLM), and Computer & Industrial Engineering (CIE). He has also reviewed manuscripts from several reputed journals, including the Journal of Cleaner Production and Computers & Industrial Engineering. Earlier, he was working as an assistant professor in the area of Lean Operations and Systems at CHRIST University, Bengaluru, India. Anchal has also worked with Genpact Pvt. Ltd. He holds degrees of M. Tech from IIT Delhi and B. Tech from NIT Kurukshetra in Industrial Engineering.

Anchal Patil  

Journal Articles 

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Anchal Patil  

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