Dr. Anil Sarin

Prof. Anil Sarin Post Doctorate DLitt. Management PhD Business Administration Dr. Sarin's article 'Global Exposure' got published in The Hindu on 7 April 2013 https://www.thehindu.com/features/education/global-exposure/article4588413.ece Prof. Sarin's article �Let employees give too� published in The Hindustan Times - Shine has been viewed by more than 0.1million readers http://www.isrworld.org/2009/05/contributory-theory-of-existence.html Anil Sarin�s Contributory Theory of Existence as a part of my research paper �Corporate Strategic Motivation: Evolution Continues � Henry. A. Murray�s Hierarchy of Needs to Maslow�s Hierarchy of Needs to Anil Sarin�s Contributory Theory of Existence� got published in The Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, volume 14, number 2, March 2009. ISSN 1540-1200. Anil Sarin�s Contributory Theory of Existence has been cited in PhD thesis, post graduate dissertations and research papers appeared in reputed journals. http://w