Devendranath Akhoury

I am a atypical management graduate as is evident by my profile. Four years after graduating I went down with Paranoid Schizophrenia. But it was my skills that are making me manage on my own finances. The focus will be on my life in three parts. Firstly, till 2009 when I was with the formal sector. Till 2017 when i lived and worked in a Rehab. Thirdly, My experience with a NGO in civil society. This will cover subjects such as Midlife Crisis, Coping with imbalances in the thought process and resultants consequences on job etc. and learning to live with planning your financial resources which are limited. But most of all how to remain connected with your Alma Mater to reinvent a new lifestyle suited to the less remunerative informal sector. I am a bright student without a matching career. I get offers that are lucrative to me but i am waiting to engage as they do not match my aspirations in life as of today. Thank You.